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WEBB John, Lance Corporal, 7377410, Royal Army Medical Corps and 2/2 Commando: ML 446

WESTLAKE Peter David, Rifleman, 7016551, Royal Ulster Rifles and 6/2 Commando: ML 192

WHEELER George Russell, Corporal, 6899188, Royal Sussex Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 457 (MM)

WHEELAN George Leslie (‘Les’), Private, 2930965, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

WICKSON Lionel Charles, Lance Sergeant, 5950750, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 457 (MM)

WILCOCK Richard, Lance Corporal, 2931468, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

WILKES Frederick, Private, 2931680, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

WILSON Alistair D, Lieutenant, 90933, Seaforth Highlanders and 9 Commando: ML 443

WOODCOCK Mark, Lieutenant, 138278, Lancashire Fusiliers and 3 Commando: ML 262

WOODIWISS Arthur Frank (‘Buster’), Corporal, 5343292, Queen’s Royal Regiment and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (MM)

WOODMAN Robert Salonicka, Fusilier, 6467448, Royal Fusiliers and 6/2 Commando: ML 192

WRIGHT Robert Ernest (‘Bob’), Corporal, 2009393, Corps of Royal Engineers and 12 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

YOUNG Arthur, Lance Corporal, 2880180, Gordon Highlanders and 6/2 Commando: ML 192 (MiD)


Although numerous individuals contributed - and continue to contribute - to this list, a very special 'Thank You' is owed to Mark Horan, of Connecticut USA, whose original classifications, alphabetically and by boat, were the solid base upon which this expanded list was constructed.

Cpl. George Wheeler, MM

A member of Lieutenant Philip Walton's small Demolition Party, George was another of the few who disembarked from ML 457 at the Old Mole. When Walton was killed shortly thereafter Wheeler became part of 'Tiger' Watson's team in the struggle to survive without extra reinforcement. As with Watson he subsequently joined in the breakout and found himself pairing up with the Canadian Lance Corporal Sims, the two remaining in concealment until darkness, then setting off cross country with the idea of making it all the way to Spain.

Assisted by the Resistance, the two men were fed into an 'escape line' that saw them cross the Pyrenees and make it all the way to Gibraltar. Upon returning to the UK as the first of those who had been left behind to return, George was less than impressed at finding himself interrogated as a possible German plant!


The Commando Charioteers


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