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AUKETT Norman J, Guardsman, 2616306, Grenadier Guards and 2 Commando, (function and party to be confirmed)

AIRD Michael Derrick, Private, 3772603, King’s Regiment (Liverpool) and 4/2 Commando: ML 268 (age 24)

ALDRED J, Lance Corporal, 1892443, Corps of Royal Engineers and 2 Commando: ML 443

AMOS R, Private, 5343009, Royal Berkshire Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 446

ANDERTON Harold, Guardsman, 2620580, Grenadier Guards and 1/2 Commando: ML 446

ASHCROFT Arthur, Private, 2929623, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

ASPDEN Jack, Lance Bombardier, 318595, Royal Regiment of Artillery and 9 Commando: ML 267

BARLING Gilbert Michael, Captain, 99317, Royal Army Medical Corps and HQ/2 Commando: ML 446

BARRON Robert James (‘Robbie’), Sergeant, 2877689, London Scottish Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 446

BASSETT-WILSON Paul, Second Lieutenant, 165718, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and 12 Commando: ML 443

BAYLISS Leonard, Sergeant, 6467968, Royal Fusiliers and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

BEARDSELL John Clifford, Rifleman, 6912677, Rifle Brigade and 3/2 Commando: HMS Campbeltown

BELL William White (‘Dingle’), Fusilier, 6461342, Royal Fusiliers and 6/2 Commando: ML 192

BELLRINGER Roy, Lance Sergeant, 5342397, Royal Berkshire Regiment and 1/2 Commando: ML 446

BEVERIDGE Robert, Sergeant, 4534228, West Yorkshire Regiment and 5 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (age 31)

BIRNEY David Leslie, Captain, 75991, Rifle Brigade and 2/2 Commando: ML 447 (age 27)

BISHOP Ivor, Lance Corporal, 5346436, 1/2 Commando: ML 446

BISHOP R. C, Private, 5627758, Devon Regiment and 1 Commando: ML 306

BLOUNT Arthur Harvey, Corporal, 3972221, South Wales Borderers and 12 Commando: HMS Campbeltown (age 26)

BLYTHE William, Lance Corporal, 2930644, Cameron Highlanders (Liverpool Scottish) and 5/2 Commando: ML 177

BONVIN John Alexander, Lieutenant, 109543, The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) and 6 Commando: ML 443

BORGMAN Robert Bernard John, Lance Corporal, 7911119, Royal Armoured Corps and 4 Commando: ML 268 (age 25)

BOYCE John Douglas, Private, 5952406, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment and 3 Commando: ML 262 (age 23)

Capt. David Birney

The first of the port column of troop-carrying Motor Launches was number 447, captained by Lieutenant Platt, RNR. His task was to come alongside the Old Mole and disembark a 14-man Assault team drawn from 2 Troop 2 Commando and led by the Troop C.O. Captain David Birney.

The seizure of the Mole was critical to the success of the re-embarkation plan, and it was David's job to knock out its gun positions, form a bridgehead around it and establish an aid post at its base, in the old Pilotage building.

By the time they arrived at the Mole, ML 447 had already sustained many casualties and all attempts to force a landing came to an end when the ML was finally set ablaze.

Sadly David did not survive the raid, being numbered amongst the 8 men of his small party never to return.


The Commando Charioteers