At the southern extremity of the Old Town can be found the original power and pumping complex that was designated target group 'Z' for the raid. This complex was the target of Lieutenant, later Sir, Ronnie Swayne and his demolition team; however their Motor Launch failed to achieve a landing and later engaged a German destroyer while en-route to the open sea. The complex is shown above left, as it was when the south lock was the primary access point for U-boats on passage from the Loire to their massive concrete shelter in the Bassin de Saint-Nazaire. In view next to it, and also below left, is Bridge 'B', another Commando target which survived the raid. The building close to its western approach, is approximately where the Capitainerie stood at the time of Chariot.

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The St. Nazaire Society


The south lock, looking towards the Loire. The Power Station is in the background, along with Bridge B - shown below in its modern livery