'Christmas is coming, and another year seems to have passed by with extraordinary speed. In the second issue of the newsletter for 2015, we explore a fascinating exhibition of paintings and drawings created in one POW camp*, and follow Eric de la Torre** in his first attempt to escape from another.

Meanwhile there is plenty of space for the editor to delve into the personal weaponry*** used on the Raid, and for an American Special Forces officer to review the lessons of Operation Chariot for todays military planners and warriors. We even have a brief foreign-language ‘phrase book’ that was intended for the commandos taking part in the Raid! Plus of course reports on the most important events and news that has surfaced during the last six months.'

*Art dealers Abbott and Holder present an exhibition of the paintings and drawings made by Lieutenant Philip Dark, RNVR, whilst a Prisoner of War in Germany between April 1942 and May 1945 (http://www.abbottandholder-thelist.co.uk/philip-dark-exhibition). Philip was 1st Lieutenant of Motor Launch 306, captured by German forces following a spirited and costly battle against a much more powerful German destroyer. Two of the works are shown here: at right, 'The Hut Stove', and below 'Field Kitchens and Milag, From Marlag 0', the latter referencing the PoW camp to which both sailors and Commandos were initially taken following the raid (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlag_und_Milag_Nord)

**Lance-Corporal Eric de la Torre, later MBE (below left) was honorary Secretary of the Society for many years. A member of 3 Commando, he fetched up in the camp complex associated with Stalag V111B (http://www.lamsdorf.com/). Eric proved an unwilling 'guest', and later recorded, in detail, the story of his several escape attempts.

***The article on weaponry recalls how, at the beginning of the war, Britain had no short-range, rapid-fire infantry weapon, and so had to purchase quantities of the Thompson Gun ('Chicago Piano') from the USA.

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Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (source SA-Kuva)


The Thompson sub-Machine-Gun (Wikipedia)

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