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This extract from the memorial plaque at the base of the Monument du Commando defines exactly our founding sentiment

The Society exists not only to preserve the memory of the Raid on Saint-Nazaire, but also to leave for posterity as full and accurate a record of the raid, and raiders, as is possible. To that end, while we are always happy to assist where possible with enquiries, we also maintain an ongoing search for new photographic, audio and documentary material with which to supplement our ever-expanding Archive (samples above...). While photographs and documents are most desirable in their original format, scans or copies are perfectly acceptable; and where donors ask for these to be used for archival purposes only, we will undertake not to make the material public without permission.

Particularly in the case of Service numbers and even ranks, contemporary records do not always agree. Please do let us know if you can cast new light on any of the individual listings.

Our point of contact other than for Membership enquiries, is our Public Relations officer, David Tait, whose uncle, Second Lieutenant Morgan Jenkins, of 6/2 Commando, lost his life on the raid. Whether you are in search of information, or in a position to assist with our Archive, David can be contacted at this email address - davidtait.stnazaire@gmail.com

Should you have difficulties in navigating the website, encounter errors or find broken links, then please do contact the webmaster.

How to contact the Society...

A small selection from our image archive


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